Regulator’s Oilfield Hauling Ltd. is a federally regulated transportation company, operating within the Oil & Gas Industry of Alberta and Northern British Columbia, since 1997. Our operations involve the movement and skidding of Drilling Rigs, along with the transportation of a variety of equipment and components used within the Oilfield Industry. With our main office located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, we offer a Racksite in Fort St. John.

Regulator’s Oilfield Hauling Ltd. is a privately-held enterprise, with a strong ethic for Safety. We are members of the Worker’s Compensation Board of Alberta (WCB), WorkSafeBC, and the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA). We hold a Certificate of Recognition (COR), for large employers, through participation in the WCB’s, Partnerships program, Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR). We maintain memberships with ComplyWorks, ISNetworld and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). 


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In our work processes, we operate: Bed Trucks, 45-Ton Picker Trucks, Tandem-, Tri-, and Planetary Drive Winch Tractors; as well as several off-road machines, including Tandem and Tri-drive Intruders, as well 8x8 Bed Trucks. In addition to these power units, we pull a variety of trailers consisting of: 8-Wheel Highboys, Tri-axle Highboys and Lowboys, 16- and 24-Wheelers, and any combination of these units, totaling up to 48 wheels.

Employed for our operations are experienced and qualified, industry professionals that include: Supervisors, Class 1 Operators, Journeyman Crane Operators, Journeymen Picker Operators, Swampers, Journeymen Mechanics; as well as, Parts and Shop Personnel. We sponsor Apprentices in Mechanics and Boom Truck Operation. Our Administrative staff is comprised of: Operations Management, Human Resources, HSE Representatives, Sales, Dispatch and Accounting personnel. 

Regulator’s Oilfield Hauling Ltd. is actively involved in the communities surrounding the areas in which we operate in; sponsoring a variety of community groups and programs, encouraging youth and physical activity. Our ability to support the people and the communities around us, is at the core of our success. The pride which we have for our operations, is the force that drives us to take the necessary initiatives, to enhance and excel, in what we do and how we operate. Cultivating prosperous relationships with our customers and maintaining existing relationships with the contractors which we continue to employ, generates an unprecedented benefit for our industry and our communities. Regulator’s Oilfield Hauling Ltd. will continue to make efforts to challenge the industry standards and evolve the Oilfield Transportation Industry.



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Contact Details

8912 158 Ave
Grande Prairie, AB
T8V 2N8

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Phone: 1-855-932-0372